Product strategy and needs assessment



consultative services on product potential


needs assessment for moving forward


the right solution

The Challenge

A company that provided professional development for teachers came to us to assess whether or not they should add a digital component to their print-based program that taught teachers how to teach a specific skills area to students. They thought they might want to expand to allow students to log in and use their program as well.

The Solution

We partnered with this organization to understand their goals and gathered all of the information necessary to do a needs assessment based on the size of their current staff. We went through the process to show them what would be necessary in order to “go digital’.

The Results

The company decided that based on the scope of the work and the size of their staff, it was not worth it at this time to add a digital component to their product and expand it to students, but will consider it in the future if circumstances change. Sometimes, helping a client realize they didn’t need to do more than they were already doing is the right answer.