Project / Product Rescue


90 days

from start to finish

Client retained

current customers

Client gained

noticeable marketshare

4.5 million

students using client’s product

The Challenge

Our client, a print-based educational publisher, needed an online assessment product to complement their textbook offering to meet the needs of their customers. They had hired a vendor to develop the digital product and that vendor failed to deliver after more than a year on the project. Our client came to us only a few months before the digital assessment product had to be delivered to their customers. If the product wasn’t delivered on time, they risked losing customers.

Our Solution

We partnered with our client’s editorial team to first understand their vision. We developed a roadmap to guide them through the development process. Within a few weeks, we delivered the specs needed to get the job done. While the editorial team started developing the assessment items, we designed and prototyped the program and continued on with coding and QA.

The Results

Within just three months, we delivered a robust online digital assessment product, including an adaptive assessment designed to be used as a diagnostic. Since then, our client has not only retained their current customers, but has also gained market share. They currently have almost 4.5 million students using the product. We have continued to partner with this client to develop digital assessment products for several of their other textbooks.