Product refresh / rennovation


Worked with client

to successfully re-image client content


additional pedagogically sound expertise


design and specs under tight deadline

The Challenge

Our client was looking to add a new component to their product to address gaps in student learning. The client believed that what they needed to build was a tutorial element into the product, but it was clear to us that they also needed an adaptive assessment to first identify what the gaps in student learning were.

Our Solution

After gathering all of our clients requirements, we showed them a way to organize disparate content they already had. We recommended that they build an adaptive assessment that was based on skills needed to master certain subject areas. We specified how the adaptive assessment should work based on these skills and designed how the adaptive assessment would look.

The Results

We delivered design and specifications to our client’s software development team and they were able to refresh their product to meet the needs of all students who were getting ready for the next level.