Fully customized instructional platforms



digital instructional platform

Platform met the state

adoption requirements—even with last-minute amendment

Client’s platform

won CODiE and REVERE Awards

3.5 million

active users of client product

The Challenge

Our client had a print-based instructional program for ELA and Mathematics (grades 6-12). However, in order to be considered for statewide adoption in states such as Texas and Florida, it was required that a digital component be a part of their instructional program. This digital component also needed to be fully aligned to standards. By April of 2013, they needed to deliver an entire 6-12 math program as a digital platform for the TX adoption—interactivity, assignment capabilities, grading and reporting. A month later, they needed to deliver the same platform for ELA 6-12 for the Florida adoption. When our client came to us in mid-2012, they only had a prototype of a simple PDF-based ebook—no platform at all.

Our Solution

We worked closely with our client and dozens of their customers to identify what they needed. We consulted with them on what was best for the whole program, not just the technology. Because we have been through dozens of state adoptions, we knew the digital component would not only need to be correlated to state and Common Core standards, but also meet all the other requirements of state adoptions. We conducted focus groups and based design on user feedback; we prototyped; iterated; and worked collaboratively with our client’s internal team. Days before the Texas adoption deadline, Texas put out an amendment to the standards. We were on top of the changes, and we were able to reflect them in the standards correlations within the platform even before our client was aware of the amendment—this kind of value-add would not have happened if we weren’t K12 experts as well as technology experts.

The Results

Under a tight deadline, we took the print-based program and created an entire digital platform that met the state adoption requirements as well as the needs of teachers and students all across the country. We were able to create a next generation digital instructional solution that not only mirrored everything students could do with a pencil or pen, but also included interactive content and tools, real-time feedback, a student portfolio, a lesson planner, and classroom management tools. Most notably, the digital textbook contained interactive hotlinks to all of the standards (including new standards that were added right before the deadline) at point of use, which led to an easy adoption of the product in Texas and then in Florida. Our client even considered patenting this innovative standards alignment tool. Today, the product boasts 3.5 million active users and has won several industry awards, including an SIIA CODiE Award and an AAP REVERE Award.