Integration work


Integrated dozens

of third party solutions

Worked with

dozens of partners

Solved difficult

integration challenges

Small-scale and large-scale


The Challenge

It’s a connected world, and technology products need to integrate with one another without issues. Clients often don’t have the in-house expertise and/or the time to integrate their product with a third-party solutions provider. And school districts are looking for Single Sign On (SSO) solutions and expect their technology products to work seamlessly together.

The Solution

We have long-standing relationships with many first-class education technology solution providers. We serve as the project team and provide the technical and QA expertise to integrate third-party solutions into our client’s products to provide a better experience for their customers.

The Results

To date, we have integrated dozens of third-party solutions into our clients’ products. For example, we’ve written code to make sure school districts can easily connect their Student Information System to our clients’ products using Clever’s rostering tools. We’ve also built several entire digital instructional solution around Learnosity’s assessment platform for one of our clients. The following is a list of some of the companies we’ve partnered with for integration work:

Aveniros LLC



Certica Solutions (formerly Academic Benchmarks)

CK Editor

Clever, Inc.


Fig Labs, Inc.


Gilbert Education Foundation

Google Classroom

IMS Global



Math Fusion

MetaMetrics Lexile Analyzer®

New Relic

Revision Assistant by TurnitIn