Product design / specification


Collaborated with client

to deliver a product vision

Turned vision

in to design

Worked seamlessly

with client’s dev team

# of Assessment Questions Answered


The Challenge

Our client was looking for an adaptive assessment and remediation tool that would prepare students for the rigors of high school Algebra. The tool needed to identify the gaps students had and then help to fill those gaps. Our client had their own development team, but even the best developers cannot necessarily build the best product without having the product design vision. That’s what this client needed from us—conceptual and actual instructional design expertise.

Our Solution

We helped bridge the gap between the technology and editorial teams. We looked at what they needed in a holistic way. We identified “micro-concepts”—we took every skill students need to master to be ready for Algebra, broke them up, and put them in order on a “ladder”. We then designed the formula for how the adaptive assessment should work based on these microconcepts. By taking the assessment, students would know exactly where they were on the ladder, and then they were given help to continue to climb it.

The Results

In record time, we delivered to our client’s software development team design and specifications—exactly what they needed to develop the program that prepares students for Algebra. The product has a beautiful look and feel, and is now being used as part of their larger Algebra program around the country.