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The Challenge

Oftentimes, clients come to us needing a solution, but they are under difficult time and/or budget constraints. Not all publishers can afford a fully customized solution.

The Solution

EvoText has developed Ogment—an award-winning, integrated digital curriculum mapping and management program that connects curriculum to instruction; makes everything trackable; provides data to users they have never had before; fosters collaboration; and facilitates continuous improvement.

A cloud-based web application, Ogment helps educators and professional learning content developers:

  • Create specific, multimedia professional learning content
  • Organize and build Courses of metadata-rich interactive content using simple drag and drop functionality
  • Grab topical, engaging multimedia resources from the web using the Clipper—eliminating the ads and distractions while stabilizing the availability of the content
  • Deliver content in multiple ways—present for whole-group instruction or assign to individuals
  • Manage interactive Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) to foster collaboration
  • Work collaboratively on instructional content
  • Monitor status and progress in real time with robust reports to advise continuous improvement
  • Build live Curriculum Maps including goals, learning objectives, standards, resources and other important curriculum elements to express an organization’s professional learning goals
  • Organize and search all content in one place
  • Create and populate the “Stream”—the organization’s Content Repository where all Resources, Lessons, Assessments, Courses, and Curriculum Maps are stored for use by anyone in the organization
  • Create evaluations and assessments with more than 20 tech-enhanced item types