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What do you get when you combine the fastest growing division in College Board with the fastest growing educational technology firm? SpringBoard Digital is the answer to the question — what's next in Education? We've taken the best of what's innovative now and constructed an agile, cloud-based solution for delivering powerful interactive learning content, classroom management, reporting and analytics, and so much more.
more than an ebook
Oh, the power of xml. Combining the best pedagogy in print with the best practices of DocBook, the SpringBoard ebook format is everything you didn't know could be done in HTML. This interactive experience is an ebook taken to the nth degree.

"a remarkable team that can innovate"
EvoText is a remarkable team that can innovate, and at the same time deliver, eLearning solutions that matter most in a classroom. They are constantly soliciting feedback and ideas through focus groups, ideation calls, and consistent collaboration with key members of our group. These are not just discussions, they become charges for the EvoText team and the ideas generated rapidly become a reality. It is amazing how quickly our ideas and thinking become what we see and feel in the product.

Douglas Waugh
Senior ELA Product Manager, SpringBoard
powerful correlation tools
Easy to create. Easy to find. Easy to understand. Correlations down to the paragraph - right on the page - bringing pleasure to curriculum alignment.

real time feedback
Feedback in the learning process isn't one-sided. With real time running commentary and teacher as well as peer review, students and teachers can respond, revise, and react right on the page. Right down to the question. Right now.
student answers, their way
Pick a tool, any tool. Students can answer any question, respond to any prompt, solve any problem with a full range of interactive options - from popular favorites to custom creations.
mark the text
Don't just highlight the text; do everything you can do in print without sharpening a single pencil.
As you discovered in the previous activity, oral interpretation involves understanding a literary text and then using your voice (through volume, rate, and inflection) to best convey its meaning. Another type of oral performance is a monologue. A monologue is an extended speech, written from the first-person point of view, in which a performer presents his or her thoughts on a subject. Monologues have certain structure: a beginning that hooks the reader, a middle that sequences and develops ideas, and an end that offers a conclusion.
quick assign
Two clicks. That’s all it takes a teacher to quick assign anything in SpringBoard to her students. Build a lesson plan in seconds. Right from the ebook.

Who did the problem set? When did they finish? Who is still working on it? Are they having trouble? Answer these questions without leaving your ebook. View student responses in real time. Make Quick Comments, Message back and forth with students question by question. Choose how you want to grade the assignment and get through the stack of papers a whole lot faster.
strategic partnerships
We partner with best-in-class service providers to create a complete solution.
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