Press release

April 28th, 2016

EvoText, Technical Developer for SpringBoard Digital - A Revere Award Finalist

What started as a magazine competition fifty years ago has transformed into the REVERE Awards of today. Adapting to changes in education, publishing, and the world at large have kept the Awards alive and relevant for five decades—and we’ve got plans for another fifty.

Faced with a modern education landscape full of awards, competitions, and opportunities for recognition, what separates the REVERE Awards from our competition? Here you’ll find a distinct focus on:

  1. An evaluation process built on rigor and impartiality
  2. Inclusion of both educators and industry professionals as judges
  3. Embracing the best in high quality learning resources—regardless of media or format
  4. An expansive view of learning—and learners—and the resources needed to educate for a lifetime
  5. Reputation
  6. Recognition

The REVERE Awards identify and honor high quality resources that educate learners of all ages, in all media, and in all educational environments, both in and beyond the classroom. The program supports the PreK-12 Learning Group’s mission of advocating for quality content in teaching and learning.

The 2016 Whole Curriculum Finalists for Reading and Language Arts:

  • SpringBoard Digital (The College Board, EvoText)
  • eWriteSteps (eWriteSteps)

Need more information on the 2016 finalists or the REVERE Awards Gala? Contact Linda Swank at 256-351-4322.

Congratulations to the 2016 REVERE Awards finalists. Winners will be announced June 8 at the REVERE Awards Gala.