Press release

April 18th, 2016

ComputED Gazette Review: Ogment

ComputED Gazette

Ogment is a unique, dynamic educational resource that is winner of three awards in the Teacher Tools category: Educators Online Resource, Online Teacher Productivity Tool, and Online Multimedia Teacher Tool. The product is designed to enable educators to quickly and seamlessly integrate web content (and personal files) in order to create fabulous multimedia lessons. Take any content from the web, and with just one click it can be brought into Ogment. Content is now lesson-ready, beautifully formatted and cited, with Lexile® measure and other helpful teaching information.

To implement this powerful feature, the user must first download the Ogment Web Clipper Tool, which integrates into the Google Chrome browser and appears as an “O” in the browser’s upper right. Once a desired website (article, image, Youtube video, etc.) is found, one simply clicks on the Ogment Tool, and a message appears with the status of the download. It is best to download all relevant resources for a particular lesson before continuing.

Next comes the process of building a lesson - a standard template is provided, but there is an option for customization. The user can type text, or select from checkboxes or drop-down menus to match a curriculum map, align with CCSS or state standards, create assessments, or call out academic vocabulary. It is also easy to add lesson objectives, essential questions and skills, and embed interactive graphic organizers, metacognitive markers, activities and more. All content ‘grabbed’ from the web appears on the left on the Resources list, and can be dragged and dropped anywhere into the template, providing a lot of flexibility.

Other important, time-saving features of Ogment are the storage of all instructional resources in one place, and making them retrievable by search tags (lesson name, state standards, readability level, keywords, grade, subject, or skill).

Content can be delivered in many ways: Projected, for whole-class instruction; connected to an interactive whiteboard; printed; or assigned to students via tablet, smartphone, Chromebook or the school’s LMS. Ogment will run anytime, anywhere, on any device. It is a cloud-based web application, built using HTML5 and the latest responsive web design (RWD). There are helpful videos on the Ogment website, such as a Guided Tour; Quick Start: How To Bring Content Into Ogment; and How To Make a Lesson.