Press release

March 13, 2014

EdTech Digest Awards Program 2014

EdTech Digest

Spirit of Innovation | Finalists & Winners

For so many reasons, the education technology space is moving forward with great momentum and robust spirit. A confluence of factors — the right time, technology and people — has made for a superlative year. With top talent and quality in so many corners, it wasn’t an easy selection process, but we are shining a spotlight on some of the best and brightest tools, leaders and trendsetters pushing forward today’s education revolution for the benefit of future generations. There are now thousands of startups, apps and companies working in edtech, more than ever before. The introduction of new methods, ideas, products and frameworks for learning, the willingness of investors to power such ingenuity through, or for startups making a go of it to boldly bootstrap their own efforts — and the real results that come of it — all converge to a single point: in the edtech sector, a spirit of innovation is alive and well. The courage, energy and determination of so many in and around education, their attitude, their underlying intentions to create positive change in one of the most important fields of human endeavor — not only deserves respect and warm approval, but is heartening to witness and partake in. We are part of a greater movement here, one that takes a tremendous amount of drive, but one with so many gains to be had. We’re very excited to recognize these cool tools, leaders and trendsetters in the education technology space. We intend to continue contributing to the forward motion of this revolution, and we salute those dedicated souls that create the human energy involved in such an undertaking. Well done! Continue! With that, here are the finalists and winners…

Digital Textbook

  • Economics: An Interactive Approach from WorldView Software
  • World Geography: An Interactive Approach from WorldView Software
  • TIA 10e Digital Interactive eBook from Pearson
  • Mobile Prep for the NCLEX-RN + 2 practice tests from Kaplan
  • Integrated Science (Third Edition) from Aristo e-Learning Centre
  • Dynamic Books from Sapling Learning
  • The College Board SpringBoard from The College Board
  • Connected Mathematics Project 3 (CMP3)
  • MobyMax from MobyMax
  • Boundless from Boundless*